VA Danville: SPS Renovation

Apogee is the prime contractor providing project management and design services for the Danville, Ill. VA’s renovation of its sterile processing service (SPS) area, located in the north-central wing of the second floor of Building 58.

Renovations include remodeling the existing floor plan with construction performed in five phases to maintain operations.

Design goals include:

  • Better workflow / one-way pass-thru flow throughout department
  • Lower the risk of contamination
  • Improve boilers to provide proper steam
  • Improve HVAC system to meet air change requirements
  • Provide visual/audible alerts in place for air pressure monitoring, reverse osmosis (RO) water monitoring, steam pressure, water temperature, air changes, humidity, and all other environmental requirements
  • Increase amount of storage at the point-of-use
  • Replacement of the existing operable windows to be new fixed windows with insulating glass units for improved impact resistance and cleanliness
  • Update the electrical power and lighting systems to bring the facility up to current standards
  • A new RO water loop with re-circulation line and a new UV light and 0.2 Micron filter for additional water sterilization

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