VA Houston: Parking Garage

Apogee provided mechanical and plumbing engineering as a subcontractor to construct this four-story parking garage at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, Tex.

The preliminary design included three conceptual plans with different layouts and structural systems and an exterior that is similar in appearance to existing campus structures.

The main garage is naturally ventilated through openings in the structure while the electrical, security, IT, and elevator machine rooms are cooled by split-system air conditioning units sized to meet the heat generated by the installed equipment.


Domestic Water
A metered one-inch domestic water service is routed to the reduced pressure zone backflow preventer located outside the structure. The meter is integrated into the existing campus advanced utility metering system.

One hose bib is located on each level to facilitate regular wash down. The riser is drainable and all exposed piping is heat traced.

Storm Drainage
Storm water drainage from the parking structure is efficiently routed to the storm sewer. The pipe material will be cast iron. Two 50-GPM sump pumps equipped with high limit alarms discharging to grade are provided for the elevator pits.

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