VA Iowa City: Renovation

This renovation of the main medical center will renovate space on the second floor for micrographic surgery to diagnose and treat skin cancer and a non-invasive cardiology clinic.

Specialty rooms include:

Procedure rooms:
Used for micrographic surgery, each room will have a 9-foot acoustical tile ceiling and seamless resilient flooring with an integral 6-inch coved base. Architectural features include a ceiling-mounted cubicle curtain track. All rooms have steel support structure above the ceiling for mounting of medical gas booms. One of the rooms has an overhead-mounted patient lift.

Histology lab:
After a micrographic surgery, tissue is prepared and analyzed in the lab, which contains a fume hood. This room include a wall-mounted stainless steel pass-through and a view window into the adjacent physician work room. Casework will be stainless steel.

Cardiology clinic:
The project consolidates portions of the non-invasive cardiology clinic that are currently located on different floors. Specialty rooms in this department include cardiology exam rooms, EKG and echo testing rooms and a stress/treadmill room.

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