VA Lyons: ADA

Apogee designed the upgrade and replacement of various stairs, guardrails, and handrails at the Lyons VA Medical Center campus to bring these structures into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring access to the built environment for people with disabilities.

Code requirements for ride and run, fall protection, ADA and VA accessibility requirements were met.

The scope of work included:

  • Building 1: southeast/basement access
  • Building 1: east entrance
  • Building 2: southside main entrance site stair and monumental stair
  • Building 2: southwest entrance
  • Building 2: southeast entrance
  • Building 3: west service entrance
  • Building 5: east/monumental entrance
  • Building 5: south entrance
  • Building 5: north entrance
  • Building 5: west basement entrance
  • Building 6: northside main entrance
  • Building 7: northeast vehicular access
  • Building 8: basement connector access stair
  • Building 8: main access ramp
  • Building 9: north east entrance handicap ramp
  • Circle 1: courtyard maintenance vehicle access ramp

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