VA Memphis: Parking Garage

Apogee provided MEP engineering and tele-data design for this project to construct a parking garage at the Memphis Veterans Medical Center.

Project elements:

The main garage is naturally ventilated through openings in the structure while the electrical, security/IT, and elevator machine rooms are cooled by split-system air conditioning units. The units are sized to meet the heat generated by the installed equipment. Storage spaces are provided with ventilation via an exhaust fan.

Domestic water service is routed to a heat-traced, reduced-pressure zone backflow preventer located in an exterior fiberglass enclosure. To facilitate regular wash-down, two hose bibs are located on each level adjacent to the lobby entrances.

The water riser is drainable to facilitate system winterization with drainage from the parking structure efficiently routed to the storm sewer. The covered, interior floor drains discharge via an oil/water separator. Top level deck drains are routed directly into the storm sewer. The pipe material is cast iron.

The garage service provides power to the lights, HVAC, elevators, and other equipment. Lighting is provided utilizing light-emitting diode (LED) type fixtures. The top level of the deck has pole-mounted LED area lights and parking garage style fixtures are used throughout the covered parking areas, mounted via pendant hanger to the structure so that the bottom of the light is near flush with the bottom of the double-T construction.

For the typical parking structure fixture, lighting controls are integral to the fixture and include occupancy sensing and photometric sensing, including daylight harvesting.

Telecommunication elements:

  • Data systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Physical access control system
  • Video surveillance system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Cable tray
  • LAN/WAN backbone cabling

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