VA North Chicago: Parking Garage

Apogee provided mechanical and electrical engineering for this new two-story parking garage at the Capt. James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center with the possibility of a future vertical expansion of the structure.

Electrical design elements

The garage service provides power to the lights, receptacles, HVAC, elevators, and other equipment.

Lighting is provided with LED type fixtures with pole-mounted LED lights on the top area.

Parking garage-style fixtures are used throughout the covered parking areas, mounted via pendant hanger to the structure so that the bottom of the light is near flush with the bottom of the double-T construction.

The design includes five electric vehicle charging stations.

Mechanical design elements

The main garage is naturally ventilated through wall openings in the structure. The electrical, security/IT, and elevator machine rooms are cooled by split system air conditioning units sized to meet the heat generated by the installed equipment. Storage room ventilation is provided via an exhaust fan and inlet grille.

Plumbing Design Elements

Drainage from the parking structure is piped to the storm sewer. All pipe and fittings are Schedule 40 solid-core PVC and sized-based on a rainfall rate of 3 inches per hour per the International Plumbing Code.

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