VA Omaha and Grand Island: Paging

Apogee Consulting Group is the prime contractor to assess the overhead paging system for Omaha and Grand Island VA Medical Centers.

In Omaha, the paging system will be added/replaced at the Omaha campus in eight buildings. The Grand Island project adds and replaces the paging system in seven buildings.

Project elements include:

  • New overhead paging system elements
  • New cabinets to house the new IP based paging system
  • Data network switches
  • Amplifiers, 2 channel, 4 channel and/or chassis type with blade amplifiers for each building, floor and zone
  • Network audio input devices
  • Paging stations, desk or wall
  • Zone modules
  • Ceiling speakers
  • Horn speakers
  • End of line monitoring devices
  • Cabling
  • Ambient noise compensation device-adjust output levels automatically in response to changes in ambient noise level in the area


New cabinets for the new overhead paging system are being provided in telecommunication rooms, served from an emergency electrical panel with circuit A and B for power redundancy. The cabinets will be grounded to the IT grounding system.


The new overhead paging system will be interfaced with the existing Rauland Borg Responder 5 system located in the server room


The new overhead paging system will interface with the existing Telephone system. Both POTS (Analog) and VoIP will be available for the interface.

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