VA Palo Alto: Landscape

Apogee is providing project management and landscape architecture services for this project, which includes construction of paths and pavement, landscaping with a therapy garden with raised planters, site furniture, shade structure, exterior lighting, wayfinding and regulatory signs.

The landscape for this area will be a passive open space for use by patients, visitors, and staff.

The project area is approximately 2.3 acres, bordered by numerous buildings and a parking structure situated at the intersection of two major pedestrian circulation corridors. The area will be an activity hub amidst the new developments on the north side of the campus.

There is a myriad of existing underground utilities within the project area. These include, but are not limited to, electrical, gas, water, sewer, storm drain, phone/cable/data, chill water, and a steam tunnel. Field documentation of the utilities are limited and their location, including elevations, will be verified as part of this project.

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