VA Salt Lake City: Fire Protection

Apogee is the prime contractor for this project to upgrade the fire alarm and fire suppression systems in order to meet relevant codes and regulations.

Corrective actions to address deficiencies related to the fire alarm system and fire suppression system for several buildings include:

Fire Protection

  • Modification of sprinkler systems in the Buildings 5, 6, 7, 8, and 27, providing full coverage in Buildings 1 and 14
  • Review and upgrade of fire pumps serving Buildings 1 and 14
  • Connection of all fire alarm panels to public announcement mass notification system


  • Provision of floor drains for new pump room and drain piping for the sprinkler systems


  • Provision of heat to the new fire pump room


  • Power for new fire pump and fire alarm panel
  • Power for HVAC (heating system for pump room)
  • Pump power feeder modifications
  • Single line diagram with ratings and directions for replacing, re-routing and reconnecting of electrical services
  • Review of normal and emergency power


  • Architectural work involves support for the new fire pump room and removal and re-installation of the ceiling tiles in the areas where new sprinkler piping will be installed.

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