Apogee has performed design services on 27 task orders thus far under this IDIQ contract for AE services.

Since the contract was awarded in 2016, Apogee has performed the following tasks:

  • VA Aurora: Life Safety Evaluation
  • VA Cheyenne: AHU Replacement
  • VA Cheyenne: Generator Feasibility Study
  • VA Cheyenne: Replace Basement Switchgear
  • VA Cheyenne: Replace Food Service Elevator
  • VA Denver: Hot Water Boilers
  • VA Grand Junction: Building 1 Pharmacy Room USP 800 Requirements
  • VA Grand Junction: Correct B33 FCA Deficiencies
  • VA Grand Junction: Correct Smoke/Fire Door Deficiencies
  • VA Grand Junction: Correct SPS Deficiencies
  • VA Grand Junction: MTO MV Connect
  • VA Grand Junction: Upgrade Hazardous Drug Workspace
  • VA Muskogee: Replace AHUs
  • VA Muskogee: Replace Electrical Switchgears & Transformers
  • VA Muskogee: Upgrade Chiller Plant
  • VA Muskogee: Upgrade Water Distribution System
  • VA Oklahoma City: Correct Hot Water
  • VA Salt Lake City: Chilled Water and HVAC Upgrade
  • VA Salt Lake City: Consolidate ICUs
  • VA Salt Lake City: Expand Linen Distribution
  • VA Salt Lake City: Fire Alarm and Suppression
  • VA Salt Lake City: Fluro Site Prep
  • VA Salt Lake City: PAMNS Upgrade
  • VA Sheridan: Bldg. 1 Renovation
  • VA Sheridan: Electrical Safety Explosion Proof Study
  • VA Sheridan: Electrical Safety Waterproof Study & Corrections
  • VA Sheridan: IT Closets Phase II

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