VA Prescott Primary Care Expansion

Apogee is the prime contractor for the project to expand the VA medical building in Prescott, Ariz. We are providing project management and design services to transform the primary care facility from a small clinical space with various services into a patient-aligned care teams (PACT) module complete with a new campus entry.


We craft an interactive vision with stakeholders and actively explore different scenarios to help our clients make the best decisions in an evolving healthcare design landscape.


Our skilled, experienced mechanical engineering team thinks creatively on each project, designing systems, parts or subsystems for functionality, durability and aesthetics. 


We design and develop large to small-scale systems in a diverse range of technologies, and we understand the role that energy plays as we increasingly come to rely on smart power sources.


 From design to code analysis to construction, our team designs with sensitivity for efficient client operations, cost-effective construction and low environmental impact.


Apogee’s experienced interior designers create diverse, supportive environments that help bring our clients’ visions of healthy, functional spaces to life.   


Our plumbing engineers  ensure that projects and construction are done as efficiently and timely as possible and to the highest standards of quality and durability. 

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Our full-service E/A team brings specialized EHRM experience to each project with RCDD staff well versed in the telecomm, planning, ICRA phasing, HVAC and security challenges that these projects face.


Our commissioning agents (CxA) follow projects from pre-design through the end of the construction warranty period to ensure that every client’s needs are seamlessly met.