QUESTIONS? CALL US: 919.858.7420         INFO@ACG-PA.COM
QUESTIONS? CALL US: 919.858.7420         INFO@ACG-PA.COM



Apogee Consulting Group was founded in 1999 by our president Michael Beezley, a service-disabled Navy veteran. Over the last two decades, Apogee has become a national firm with seven offices across the country. Those offices serve their communities, states, and the federal government, providing exceptional problem solving and detail-oriented design. Apogee is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business certified firm. In 2016 and 2018, Building Design + Construction magazine ranked Apogee the #1 engineering/architecture firm serving the Department of Veterans Affairs.




Apogee’s engineers and architects believe that putting our clients first and appreciating the significance of every project, down to the smallest detail, are critical factors in client satisfaction and the development of high-quality customized solutions. Our design professionals are experts who are acutely aware of the need to carefully listen to the clients’ vision and concerns before proposing solutions. The personal interaction we have with our client is as important to the success of their project as the plans and drawings we produce.


Project Management

Our project managers are skilled and know the intricacies of delivering multiple projects with multiple due dates. With more than 3,500 construction projects since 1999, our project managers have the expertise in planning, monitoring, controlling, and closing out projects to become successfully built realities.

Comprehensive Services

As an engineering and architectural firm, we offer all the design and construction administration services you need from the first conceptual meeting to the ribbon cutting. We focus on enthusiastic collaborative relationships with each client. Our engineers and architects are highly skilled and fully credentialed to deliver world-class engineering and architecture design. Once design is finished, we work with your contractor to make sure construction goes exactly how you intend at the price you expect.

Technology Design

New and evolving technologies, environmental awareness, rapidly changing regulatory requirement. These are all considerations for 21st century companies. Our design team understands how to gauge a client’s current technological needs as well as plan for future growth.


Kevin Eppley
Kevin EppleyProject Manager, Noah Enterprises
“I would rate Apogee’s overall performance for their design disciples, accuracy and timeliness of their design submissions, and engineering support services during construction as exceptional. I would highly recommend working with Apogee Consulting Group on any future opportunities.”
Toni Barber
Toni BarberContracting Officer, Coatesville VAMC
“Outstanding job with this design. Engineers took a lot into consideration with the design and made this project flourish. Less than 1% design caused change orders. Minor issues with site. Outstanding design that has become an outstanding project.”
Leon Jones
Leon JonesContracting Officer's Representative, Salt Lake City VAMC
“Apogee Consulting was exceptionally self-driven, requiring minimal guidance when on site.”
Robert Gron
Robert GronFacility Engineer, NC Forest Service
“Engineers listened to owner’s needs and applied requested actions. This led to complete and accurate drawings that did not burden owner with numerous reviews. Submittals made by dates requested. For a small project, engineers treated it like a high priority.”
Mark Harville
Mark HarvilleContract Specialist, Richmond VAMC
“This was a challenging and complex design project and the contractor’s performance has been exceptional.”
Heather Boaz
Heather BoazGeneral Engineer, Durham VAMC
“I have enjoyed getting to work with you and the team at Apogee. Your management skills are spot on, and you have kept a lot of our crazy projects moving right along. Thank you for that!”
James W. McIndoe, AIA
James W. McIndoe, AIASenior Associate, SWBR Architects
“I wanted to say, from the JV perspective, the VE Workshop was an excellent exercise. We want to compliment the approach, collaborative and inquisitive nature of your team. The outside the box thinking that you all brought to the table is by far, a cut above our typical experience. We don’t experience these types of results with the CM’s we typically work with. We also, very much appreciate the teams approach to finding cost reductions while being mindful of the project schedule the impact on the design of the project. Your work will be a great help to the JV as we move forward with the project. Thank you once again for your help and assistance!”
Timothy Apollo
Timothy ApolloProject Manager, Coatesville VAMC
“Apogee was very good in working within our stringent guidelines and was very helpful in designing a system that would sustain our facility during a power outage. They were very helpful in engineering this project, as the scope we issued was not sufficient for our needs, and made necessary changes to make the project sustainable. The project is not constructed as of this time, but is out for solicitation and has been complimented by several contractors looking at it.”
Michael Fields
Michael FieldsEnergy Engineer, Cheyenne VAMC
“Apogee Consulting Group was very conscientious and supportive throughout the project. Some issues were discovered in the course of the project – as in every project, but Apogee stepped up to the plate and helped carry the project through to completion.”

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