Apogee completes arc flash studies at two million+ SF

Apogee completes arc flash studies at two million+ SF

Apogee Consulting Group recently completed arc flash studies at three different U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical campuses that in total span more than two million square feet, ensuring the facilities serving veterans in these locations have safe and reliable power.

The work was conducted at the Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital in San Antonio, Tex., the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis, Ind. and the St. Cloud VA Health Care System in St. Cloud, Minn.

Apogee over the last decade has invested heavily in its arc flash program, seeking to provide arc flash work that brings value beyond the calculations performed.

To that end, Apogee’s lead designer for arc flash analysis, Beau Browning, has focused nearly all of his attention to revamping the arc flash program, pushing the software to its limit where many would be satisfied to just accept the inaccuracies and limitations, said Josh VandenEnde, electrical department manager.

Apogee has developed systems for logging all data in the field into a single software platform to streamline analysis, making our system highly accurate and efficient. Our custom data analysis tools help take the data gathered and align it to fit existing customer building management software or whatever format the customer deems most useful,

“We have also created a number of macros that help us process and analyze the data to ensure it is accurate by pointing out inconsistencies within the data set,” Josh said.

Arc flash requires the inspection of every electrical panel within a facility then building a virtual model of the electrical distribution and analyzing the safety risk of the system. Apogee also provides a value add to the client by analyzing system conditions and, in some cases, doing testing on equipment that would be more inconvenient and invasive if not coupled with the study.

The Roudebush Medical Center in Indianapolis, Ind., one of the three study sites. Above, Josh VandenEnde works on an arc flash study.
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Media relations contact: Liz Switzer


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