Apogee Leadership Announcement

Apogee Leadership Announcement

Charles Sowders, III, PE | Executive Vice President

In his role as Executive Vice President, Charlie will continue to focus on high-level company efficiency pursuits within the organization. His role will expand to encompass more active participation in the Business Development and Marketing, continuing to foster and develop the long-standing relationships with our clients that Apogee is known for.

Ken Noel, RA, SEPS | Executive Vice President

In his role as Executive Vice President, Ken will focus his time and effort on productivity and strategy. He will be taking a more active role in coordinating with our subconsultants, both in business development and in project strategy and execution. 

Erica Irvin, RID, NCIDQ, IIDA, LEED AP | Chief of Design

Apogee is pleased to announce the appointment of Erica Irvin to Chief of Design. In this role, she will guide our design teams to elevate our designs and approach to the next level. She will lead the charge in adapting to the ever-changing needs of our clients by incorporating innovative design approaches across our organization. Her varied experience in the industry spans two decades, and she is well poised to step into this dynamic leadership position. 

Speaking of her new role, Erica states, “I am most excited about becoming Chief of Design because I can be more engaged with all staff and work closely with both our clients and teaming partners on building stronger relationships.”

Joshua A. VandenEnde, PE, CxA, PMP | Chief Operating Officer

Apogee is pleased to announce the appointment of Josh VandenEnde to Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he will focus on networking our different disciplines, developing communication strategies, and developing systems and processes that guide us into the future. 

Josh states, “I am excited about my role as COO which will emphasize connecting our designs to our clients’ needs through our quality assurance, cost estimating, and construction administration activities. I hope to use the knowledge we gain from our current projects to shape future ones.”

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