Kenneth M. Noel, RA, SEPS
Executive Vice President

Originally from the upper Midwest, Ken comes to Apogee with a dedicated work ethic that has imbued his approach to design and management with a certain tirelessness and vigor. With over 35 years in architecture, working on design for hospitals, schools, and, commercial/office, Ken’s focused expertise has evolved into a passion for designing advanced and mindful healthcare environments, and his construction background has lent itself to improving the firm’s commitment to constructability and enhancing relationships with bidding contractors.

While having served the company as a project manager, project architect, and part owner, Ken’s role of Chief of Design services primarily keeps him busy coordinating the five different disciplines company-wide and ensuring the reputation and integrity of the firm. Apart from Apogee, Ken enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren, and on Sundays you will be hard pressed to get a work call from him as he will likely be on the golf course.

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