Apogee Consulting Group provided electrical engineering for the construction of a military headquarters building.

Apogee provided comprehensive electrical engineering services for the construction of a military headquarters building (635,000 sq ft), an associated energy plant, a data center (36,000 sq ft), a disaster recovery center (18,000 sq ft), an information management building (15,000 sq ft), and an addition (4,000 sq ft) to an existing information management building at Fort Bragg. Our services included electrical power design, lighting design, LEED certification support, electrical coordination studies using SKM Power Tools, arc flash analysis, and ground resistance testing.  The project is designed using AutoCAD Revit 2009; the overall project budget was $252 M. Additionally, the electrical power project cost was approximately $37 M. In addition, the project achieved LEED Gold Certification. Features of the electrical power design included:

  • Medium voltage (12470 V) distribution design
  • Medium voltage (12470 V) emergency power design that consisted of 4 emergency generators with a power capacity of 11.5 MW
  • Building power service equipment design that included redundant, double-ended switchboards for the Headquarters building, the energy plant, data center, and disaster recovery center
  • Building power distribution design at 480 V for the Headquarters building that included normal and UPS bus duct risers
  • Lighting design and analysis to meet the requirements for Gold LEED Certification
  • Emergency power system design for the disaster recovery center and the information management building
  • Building power distribution design at 480 V for the data center that included a 3000 kVA, n+1, as well as UPS design
  • Building power distribution design at 120/208 V for the data center that included 12 PDU units to provide redundant power with a n+1
  • UPS design in addition to full emergency generator backup
  • Outdoor lighting design as well as analysis
  • Coordination of six arc flash studies for each facility using SKM Power Tools for Windows

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