USACE: Fort Jackson Entrance

The project consists of site improvements at the headquarters building and the design of entrance gate marquees to improve force protection by creating a clear and identifiable entrance to the military installation.

Apogee’s designs encompass the endurance, power, strength, perseverance, and permanence characterized by the history and heritage of the post itself.

The modifications provide a turn-around option to alter direction as needed before entering checkpoint lanes. The gates have landmark sign structures with precast concrete walls approximately five feet high and twenty-five feet in length.

Perpendicular to the concrete wall elements is a divider strip that braces the walls and defines the planting areas.

Design highlights:

  • Two tall tower structures approximately 25 feet in height by 12 feet in width on each side of the Gate One entry.
  • Precast concrete color and texture was selected to work with the natural stone colors found in the Fort Jackson area. All exposed materials are natural through body colors with no paint or coatings requiring periodic maintenance.
  • The top of the structures has a metal flashing system grouted that is sealed to avoid efflorescence concrete staining and protects the structural elements.
  • Signage is cast stainless steel letters set into the precast surface and up lit with LED fixtures designed for minimal impact to driver vision.
  • Gravel maintenance areas surround the elements and provide protection zones from the traffic areas.
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