VA Augusta: Elevator Upgrades

This project involves the upgrade of 17 passenger and service elevators at the Uptown Medical Center and eight elevators on the downtown campus of the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center.

Downtown VAMC

Our team completed an elevator condition assessment to determine safety, maintenance, repair, and modernization conditions. While safe from an operational perspective, our designs include improvements to portions of the elevator, controls, electrical supply, structure fire ratings, and life safety components to meet updated code-compliance requirements.

The design includes an upgrade and replacement of elevator controls, motors, cabling, and exit doors for each car. Each elevator car will be renovated with new finishes. These upgrades also correct the Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) deficiencies for the building.

Uptown VAMC

Our design includes the upgrade of elevator controls, motors, cabling, exit doors, and new finishes for each car. The passenger elevators and service elevators will have similar finishes as appropriate for their function. The service elevators will have an additional rail spaced 12 inches above the floor as a protective bumper.

These upgrades will correct the FCA deficiencies for the building.

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