VA Cheyenne: AHU Replacements

Apogee was the prime contractor on this project to replace air handler units at the VA Medical Center in Cheyenne, Wyo.

Project highlights:

  • Demolition of existing AHUs including return fan and associated ductwork in the north penthouse area (Building 1 CA) and rooftop area
  • Demolition of piping connected to AHU-1 and 23 (chilled water, heating water, and steam) back to the mains
  • New modular type, semi-custom air-handler with a max capacity of (23,000cfm) housing an array fan wall system with chilled water and hot water coils for cooling and preheating
  • Pre and final filter box system with final filter box housing MERV 17 filters
  • New AHU also has dehumidification capability using a reheat coil as well as humidification
  • New ductwork in the north penthouse area connecting the AHU to the existing ductwork in the mechanical chase
  • New piping installed from main chilled and heating water lines, connected to new AHU coils
  • New heating water pipe loop installed in the penthouse to supply heating water to the new AHU as well as future AHU replacements
  • Existing controls modified to accommodate the new air-handler with additional DDC points
  • Existing terminal air boxes in surgical suite areas modified to enable airflow turn-down during unoccupied hours via both scheduling and occupancy sensors
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