VA Cheyenne: Electrical Testing

Apogee Consulting Group provided engineering and project management services for testing and corrections to the electrical system circuit breakers and transformers throughout the Cheyenne, Wyo. VA Medical Center campus.

The project encompassed 15 smaller sub-projects to complete these comprehensive electrical system improvements.

Main project encompassed:

  • Evaluation and upgrade of branch circuits
  • Consolidation of service panels
  • Evaluation and specification of energy efficient lighting
  • Upgrade of automatic transfer switch controls
  • Replacement of existing 600 kW generator
  • Evaluation and upgrade of campus fire alarm system
  • Evaluation and specification of solar powered parking lot lighting

Sub-projects encompassed:

  • Testing of circuit breakers, transformers, and transfer switches according to NETA standards
  • Upgrade of branch circuitry in Building 4 to eliminate overloaded circuits
  • Consolidation of service equipment in Buildings 4 and 6
  • Identification and replacement of all existing T12 fluorescent lamps and ballasts with T8 units
  • Upgrade of crawlspace lighting to energy-efficient lighting
  • Replacement of transfer switch controls
  • Upgrade of telecommunications devices in Building 6
  • Replacement of existing generator with a new generator
  • Increase fire alarm smoke detectors, flow, and tamper switches to meet current standards
  • Upgrade of the motherboard in the existing fire alarm control panel
  • Addition of select evac capabilities and controls to the fire alarm system
  • Addition of fire alarm and public address system to Building 6
  • Addition of emergency lighting in Building 6
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