VA Cheyenne: FCA

Like any facility built in the 1930s, the Cheyenne VA has campus infrastructure that has seen staggered upgrades, additions, and renovations through the years.

Apogee partnered with the VA on this project to upgrade and replace systems that have been identified as functionally deficient and hard to maintain.

Apogee worked diligently to tailor new HVAC and plumbing equipment to fit with existing infrastructure, minimizing outages and system reworks during construction while implementing energy-saving technology and modernized controls.

To maximize the project budget, Apogee created a flexible design package with deduction alternatives that can be tailored to fit available funding at the time of award.

Electrical work included:

  • Survey of all branch circuits for nutritional food service panels on the first and second floors of the hospital
  • Survey of all branch circuits of panels CL1-2, NL1-2, NL1-1A, NL1-1B, and CL1-3
  • Design replacement of panels necessary to provide additional breaker positions
  • Redistribution of receptacle loads in panels to mitigate nuisance tripping
  • Design of six electrical panel replacements as outlined in our arc flash report

Plumbing Work:

  • Survey of faucets
  • Provide a schedule for faucets installed in each room: type, quantity, model, sensor operation and type, mounting information, and flow type
  • Design retrofit of aerator faucets with laminar flow faucets
  • Design of dental air piping replacement in crawl space and piping re-work to exclude replacement of the air-compressor system

Architectural Work:

  • Ceiling assessment and replacement of ceiling tile to maintain fire integrity and cleanliness
  • Design of hard ceiling over sterile processing service interstitial space over sterilizers
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