VA Cheyenne: Safety Study

Apogee worked closely with the VA staff in Cheyenne, Wyo. to survey all portions of the existing campus electrical distribution system.

The survey data was used to build a digital model of the system and calculate the arc flash incident energies and arc flash protection boundaries at locations that pose an arc flash hazard risk.

Apogee marked hazards with NFPA 70E-compliant hazard labels to direct staff and contractors about appropriate personal protective gear needed for work on live equipment.

Apogee maximized the value of the electrical system model by also providing a breaker coordination study and arc flash mitigation report.

The breaker coordination fine-tuned breaker and fuse settings throughout the campus, mitigating risk of electrical fault on the system that causes unnecessary power outages. The mitigation report identified points in the system that can be improved to reduce arc flash risks to personnel working on live electrical equipment.

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