VA Coatesville: Elevators Upgrade

Apogee Consulting Group provided MEP engineering services for this project at the Coatesville VA Medical Center.

Most of the elevator systems had been in service for 20 years and in need of renovation to meet current codes and VA standards.

Project elements:

  • Removal and replacement of existing elevators and related systems
  • Renovation of the elevator machine room
  • Replacement of elevator soft starting/stopping
  • Installation off temporary conveyance system or stairwell chair lifts during construction
  • Design of new air conditioning and ventilation system for the elevator machine rooms to meet the optimal ambient conditions
  • Installation of accessible fire and smoke alarm devices and dampers
  • Replacement of all associated electrical feeds and controls for a complete and functional system
  • Verification of smoke evacuation fan serving the elevator shaft as fully operational
  • Patch all cracks and holes on walls, ceiling, and floors of the elevator shaft
  • Replacement of all sump pumps and associated systems
  • Provision of discriminating water/oil detectors and alarms for elevator pit, cleaning, and sealing of elevator pit concrete surfaces
  • Installation of new oil-water separators and piping
  • Replacement of elevator ceilings and access panels, patching of construction openings and repaired existing finishes
  • Ensure elevator lobby areas are uniformly designed with new flooring, wall coverings, and ceilings
  • Upgrade of all electrical, electronic, mechanical, fire alarm, and communication systems to meet or exceed all applicable codes and VA standards
  • Address development in multiple phases to allow for ongoing hospital operation

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