VA Coatesville: Renovation

Apogee is prime contractor to renovate the basement and infrastructure of Building 58 on the Coatesville VA Medical Center campus and to replace the HVAC units for the building.

Renovation of the basement includes:

  • Conversion of the pool area to new maintenance shop
  • Conversion of the west wings (including the bowling alley) for new home-based primary care (HBPC) offices and open-office work areas
  • Renovation of the east wings for new finishes and new HVAC
  • Renovation of the corridor for new finishes and aesthetic improvement
  • Renovation of miscellaneous ancillary spaces along the corridor
  • Protection or reconstruction of pipe chase areas throughout the floor plan

The new interior utilizes contemporary finishes such as carpet, suspended ceilings, cove lighting for up-lighted ceilings, and modular workstations for an open, daylight area. Ceilings are raised with exposed ductwork for maximum room height that reflect light yet provide good sound absorption.

Workstations, docking stations and flex offices are provided for maximum flexibility of use by staff. At the west side of the south wing, new windows and a new light well are provided, expanding the existing electrical room exterior access. New windows will match other areas of the existing building façade and provide maximum light.

The project comprehensively renovates the attic mechanical room and sub-basement pump/service room and upgrades the HVAC system.

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