VA Durham: A/E IDIQ

Apogee was awarded this IDIQ contract for A/E services in 2013 and we performed design services on 25 task orders under contract #VA246-13-D-0104

Upgrade Energy Management Control / Terminal Units

This project included replacing approximately 400 obsolete HVAC induction and reheat boxes that were controlled pneumatically with modern variable air volume (VAV) boxes. New direct digital controls (DDC) where added which included floor level JACEs with communication to a master supervisor and subsequently integration into an existing on-site engineering control center. The project also included replacing defective hot water heating piping and fittings as needed to eliminate chronic leaks and potential flooding along with upgrading select heating coils that were reaching life expectancy.

Emergency Chiller Replacement

Apogee provided working drawings, specifications, and final construction documents for this project. Since the chiller failed due to a lightning strike and needed immediate replacement, Apogee’s engineers found a workable solution with equipment that a local manufacturer had in stock. The overall design schedule was completed in three weeks.

Specialty Care Building 42

Apogee led the design team providing the full A/E design for a new outpatient specialty/ancillary care Cancer Center building. The new building was designed to connect to the medical center at the first floor to allow direct access from the medical center for patient care. The design provides space for Radiology service, Radiation Oncology service, Nuclear Medicine service, office space, and cancer treatment rooms and the space was designed around typical exam rooms and required ancillary spaces needed to support the exam rooms.

Additional Task Orders

Replace Post Tension-Garage A
OR Feasibility Study
Renovate Operating Room
Abate A Wing Crawl Space Gasses
Improve Drainage Around Building 1
Eyewash and Emergency Shower
Relocate Radiation Oncology
Blue Elevators RenovationsGarage B Water Infiltration
Master Planning
Improve 4C
Eye Wash Valves
Improve Patient Privacy 5B
Repair Operating Room ATS
Add Emergency Power Bldg 33
Correct Switchgear in Bldg 18
Replace Switchgear in Bldg 9
Replace FCU & ATU
Repair E Wing Steam
Renovate Halls and Walls Bldg 1
Emergency Power for HVAC
PET Uptake Room

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