VA Durham: Specialty Care Building

Apogee was the Prime contractor in the demolition of the existing modular Building #16 and construction of a new outpatient specialty/ancillary care cancer center building.

This project demolished the existing modular Building #16 and also constructed a new outpatient specialty/ancillary care Cancer Center building for VA Durham. The new building connects to the medical center at the first floor. This allows direct access from patient care. Also, it provides space for Radiology service, Radiation Oncology service, Nuclear Medicine service, office space, and cancer treatment rooms. The space is designed around typical exam rooms. This requires ancillary spaces for support. Signage provided to match existing signage on campus. Highlights of architectural and engineering design include:

  • A fully sprinklered building with door access controls, cameras, and BAS controls for HVAC; all controls and systems shall tie into the existing systems on campus.
  • Installing CAT 6 data cable and installation on fiber optics as needed for connectivity.
  • Design also includes cable TV connections, telemedicine, voice dictation capability; also, water, LED lighting, occupancy sensors, and daylight harvesting in all exam rooms.
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