VA Durham: Water Loop

Apogee is the prime contractor for this project to replace the underground potable water loop and individual feeds that serve domestic and fire systems on the VA campus at 508 Fulton Street in Durham, North Carolina.

The project provides a new, robust water infrastructure that will serve the Durham VA HCS for the next 50 years.

The project relocates the underground potable water loop and individual feeds that have exceeded their useful life serving the domestic and fire systems on campus. The new system minimizes the possibility of interruption to the water system, provides for redundancy, simplifies required testing procedures, and facilitates future construction, maintenance operations and repairs as needed.

The water loop serves all campus needs including, but not limited to, domestic water to all buildings, fire service to all areas, domestic water to other structures or outlets such as sheds, landscaping sprinklers, and other site needs.

The design includes:

  • Detailed phasing requirements to maintain medical center operations through construction including considerations for water availability, fire safety, pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic and other others
  • Comprehensive review of the existing conditions, including underground exploration required to complete the design or cost estimate, and other projects in-progress that will impact this scope including master planning development
  • Interviews with VA engineers, medical staff, and support staff, documented and presented in the design report and with each submission
  • Detailed calculations to determine current and projected future demand at each location and building
  • Summary of findings from the review of building records, reports, plans, and interviews with station personnel
  • Coordination with City of Durham and other relevant permitting parties and authorities

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