VA Houston: SPS Renovation

As the prime contractor, Apogee is responsible for the renovation of the sterile processing supply (SPS) suite at the VA Houston Medical Center, bringing into compliance with the current requirements for air changes and pressures.

The goal of the project is to significantly increase the capacity of SPS as it is currently at capacity and new operating rooms are pending.

This area expands into the existing logistics and laundry spaces and will be performed in four phases.

New sterilizer and wash/disinfect equipment is provided with domestic cold-water service, reverse osmosis (RO) water as required, and floor drains. RO water will be extended to one faucet of the decontamination sinks for rinse, to the ultra-sonic washers, and wash/disinfect equipment.

Compressed air will be distributed to the decontamination sinks and wash/disinfect equipment. Vacuum will be distributed to the decontamination sinks.

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