VA Huntington: SPS Improvements

Apogee is the prime contractor for this project to improve SPS temperature/humidity control at the VA Huntington Medical Center in West Virginia.

The project replaces and updates air handling equipment, ventilation, environmental controls, and floor plans and provides a monitoring system that is capable of documenting continuous humidity and temperatures for sterile processing services (SPS) on basement floor.

Along with improving the air systems, the condition of the SPS is being updated to provide storage systems that maximize inventory control. There are also satellite SPS spaces that will be redesigned to bring them to code.

Existing sterilizer and wash/disinfect equipment will be reinstalled and reconnected to existing domestic cold-water service and reverse osmosis water. Existing floor drains in the sterilizer area will remain.

Reverse osmosis (RO) water and compressed air will be extended to the new decontamination sinks from the existing distribution system. Existing RO water and compressed air piping that is exposed in rooms will be rerouted to above the ceiling to provide a finished look.

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