VA Indianapolis: Domestic Water Survey

This project encompassed the inspection and evaluation of the condition and sizing of the entire domestic water piping system for the Richard L. Roudeboush VA Medical Center.

All piping, valves, attached equipment, threading, tubing, connections, and associated equipment found to be under-sized or in poor condition was removed and replaced with new piping and equipment of the appropriate size.

Apogee evaluated the facility’s entire domestic water system for current capacity and future capacity to accommodate an additional 100,000 SF of new building space and addressed additional loads, incorporating them into new domestic water pumps.

Additional work included:

  • Installation of a triplex unit with pumps sized to operate as a 50-50- percent system so that if one fails the remaining two pumps will carry the entire load for system redundancy
  • Identification and elimination of hot and cold-water crossovers or cross-connections
  • Identification and tagging of abandoned piping for demolition
  • Added microprocessor-based monitoring system for system pressure, temperature and water quality throughout the facility
  • Followed VA’s water disinfection methods and legionella mitigation standards to maintain disinfection of the water system

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