VA Indianapolis: Electrical System

As the prime contractor, Apogee Consulting Group performed the testing and maintenance of the Indianapolis VA Medical Center electrical distribution system.

Apogee conducted a protective system device study, a comprehensive list of associated electrical deficiencies including appropriate recommendation for the deficiencies and an update of the existing VA electrical one-line diagrams.

Design elements and services included:

  • Electrical power apparatus protective device coordination study
  • Power apparatus preventative maintenance, testing, and calibration
  • System one-line diagram, short circuit and ground fault analysis, and protective coordination plots
  • Testing and preventative maintenance of all major electrical distribution apparatus such as sub-stations, generators, power transformers, switchgear, motor control centers, distribution centers, and panel boards
  • Electrical one­-line diagrams showing all electrical equipment to be tested and calibrated
  • Ensured that the equipment upon which work has been performed is safe, reliable, and acceptable for its intended purpose
  • Identified defective equipment, potential safely problems, environmental hazards, and NEC violations
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