VA Indianapolis: Inpatient Pharmacy

Under an IDIQ task order, Apogee provided project management and design services for the renovation of the inpatient pharmacy in Building A on this VA campus, bringing the space into compliance with USP 797 and USP 800 requirements.

Pharmacy renovation includes:

  • Modification of walls, floors, ceilings, MEP as necessary to allow access to the pharmacy into and from the sterile prep/chemo prep areas
  • Installation of a new anteroom for new chemo prep and sterile prep rooms
  • Relocation of order entry within the inpatient pharmacy area
  • Removal of empty casework
  • Modification of supply and return air duct systems with new HVAC to the new anteroom and sterile prep areas
  • New dedicated AHU installed for chemo prep
  • New stainless-steel shelving units
  • Installation of additional pass-through heap chambers between the pharmacy and sterile / chemo prep areas
  • Comprehensive Life Safety Code review of design provided at the 95 percent design submission
  • Inpatient pharmacy remodel and new LED lighting provided with pharmacy equipment connected to emergency power as needed
  • Data system hardwired to jacks and wireless
  • Paging system provided for emergency and public notifications
  • Telephone cabling system connect to hospital voice-over IP telephone system
  • Physical access control system matches the existing Avigilion/RedCloud system
  • Fire alarm system matches existing Siemens/Pyrotronics
  • Inpatient pharmacy and chemo prep rooms designed in accordance with USP 800 hazardous drugs handling for healthcare settings
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