VA Lexington: CLC

Apogee is the prime contractor for the design of two green home model senior care facilities of approximately 10,275 SF. The new homes will use the latest resident-centered care concepts. Each home will contain 10 beds.

One home will be used for hospice care while the other will be used for long-term skilled nursing care. This project also provides preliminary site development design for two immediate homes and six future homes as well as and a recreational/rehabilitation/community center for the development.

Each resident room has an adjoining bathroom and a comfortable living space with a fireplace. A sizable dining room is capable of providing space for all residents at the same time. The design includes an open kitchen space adjacent to the living and dining space, a quiet room for television viewing and family consultation and a garage for deliveries and associated support spaces for residents and staff.

Each plan contains opportunities for porches and patios as extensions of the living and dining spaces.

The project scope includes site utilities, roads, parking and infrastructure.

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