VA Lexington: Community Living Center

Apogee was responsible for this Continuing Care facility which consists of two ‘Green House’ models approximately 11,000 SF each. The project will also include site utilities, roads, parking, and infrastructure. The new units/houses will be designed using the latest ‘Green House’ and patient centered care concepts and contain ten beds each.


Apogee was tasked to design and provide full drawings for two ‘Green House’ model senior care facilities. The new homes will be designed using the latest resident centered care concepts. Each home will contain ten beds. One home will be used for hospice level care while the home will be used for long term skilled nursing care. This project will also provide preliminary site development design for two immediate homes and six future homes and a recreational/rehabilitation/community center for the Green Homes development. Tasks included:

The design team met with the senior care user groups and reviewed the project scope and design on multiple occasions. The design team presented three building floor plan options to the user group, utilizing spaces taken from the project program and implementing site layout logistics based on the previous charrette meeting. Each plan included ten resident rooms with adjoining bathrooms, a large living space including a fireplace, a large dining room capable of providing dining space for all residents at the same time, an open kitchen space adjacent to the living and dining space, a quiet room for television viewing and family consultation, a garage for deliveries and associated support spaces for residents and staff. Each plan contained opportunities for porches and patios as extensions of the living and dining spaces.

Apogee successfully coordinated a multi-discipline team through the design phase of this project. Our dedicated project manager has remained engaged through the duration of the design and is now coordinating construction period services for this project.

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