VA St. Cloud: Parking Garage

Project Description:

This new 256-car parking garage safely accommodates patients and families at the St. Cloud VA Healthcare System while complementing the exterior of the historic buildings on the campus, constructed primarily of historic brickwork and cast stone trim.

The parking garage is an open structure with cast-in-place concrete and with architectural precast wall panels/brick veneer.

The structure is two levels: one level at grade (main level) and one level below grade (lower level). The perimeter of the lower level includes an area well allowing light and ventilation.

The parking garage has a main tower with a gearless traction elevator and a cast-in place concrete stair. There is also a secondary stair tower with cast-in-place concrete stairs. These towers will include aluminum storefront windows to maximize visibility and patient safety. The interior walls of these towers is painted concrete.

The project also includes the demolition of the Reid building (Building 92) a one-story concrete block building that was constructed in the 1970s.

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