VA Wilkes-Barre: Emergency Generator

Apogee as the prime contractor is providing project management and design for all associated equipment such as switchgears, controls, paralleling-synchronizing equipment, transfer equipment, facilities, distribution and infrastructure for a completely redundant and usable MV electrical distribution system that serves the entire station in the event of a partial or full loss of utility services.

The design includes all modifications required for the station’s existing 15KV MV and low-voltage power distribution systems and equipment for the integration of the new emergency power generation plant and systems.

An equipment platform/concrete pad will support three generator sets, generator paralleling switchgear and a 2,000kW load-bank configured for connection to any of the generators.

Associated fuel tanks are located below a parking lot adjacent to the new generators. Access for filling the tanks will be from a new service drive adjacent to the generators.

The project also includes the replacement of the existing fuel tanks servicing the boiler plant and existing essential power system generators.

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