Full Portfolio

  • VA Wilmington, DE: 5 West Renovation

    As the prime contractor, Apogee Consulting Group provided MEP engineering design and project management services for the complete renovation of the office and clinical space of the 5th floor of the Wilmington VA Medical Center's west wing.

  • VA Pittsburgh: 2 East Renovation

    Apogee Consulting Group is providing programming, planning, architectural design and MEP engineering to renovate Building One, 2 East at University Drive for Clinics.

  • VA Danville, IL: Entry Renovation for ADA Compliance

    The renovation of the entry of Building 58 at the Danville VA Medical Center upgraded the entrance to allow for a straight flow through the entrance door, while recreating the feel of the original entrance to preserve the historical character.

  • NC State University: Winston Hall HVAC Replacement

    Winston Hall was built in 1910 with the last major HVAC renovation completed in 1988. The existing systems were plagued with issues and space occupants often complained about comfort and lack of the ability to control temperature. Apogee provided a modern, fully coordinated VAV heating and cooling system that maximizes occupant comfort while minimizing energy uses.

  • VA Durham: New Specialty Care Building

    This project will demolish the existing modular Building #16 and construct a new 23,200 SF outpatient specialty/ancillary care ‘Cancer Center’ building. The new building will be connected to the medical center at the first floor to allow direct access from the medical center for patient care.

  • Lenovo: Customer Care Center

    Project consisted of the remodeling of the existing Customer Center of Lenovo based on the ESG room layout to include revisions for HVAC, electrical power, data, fire alarm, lighting, and fire protection.

  • VA Indianapolis: A-Wing Generator

    As prime design contractor, Apogee provided project management and electrical engineering design services for the design of an additional 1250 kVA emergency generator.

  • VA Sheridan: Legionella Corrections

    As prime contractor, Apogee is in the process of providing MEP and architectural design services to correct deficiencies that would promote the spread of legionella in two buildings at the Sheridan VAMC.

  • VA Pittsburgh: Domestic Water Mapping

    Apogee served as prime contractor for this project and was tasked with conducting a facility wide field investigation and mapping of the domestic water system. This included hot water generation and the distribution systems (hot water, hot water return, and cold water).

  • Wake Tech CC: Mechanical Upgrades

    Apogee Consulting Group provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for the replacement of a mass storage type boiler with high efficiency condensing boilers and the replacement of a 140 ton air-cooled, screw-type chiller for a health education facility that included training labs.

  • USACE: FORSCOM Headquarters

    For this new construction project, Apogee provided all electrical design for the headquarters as well as five other new buildings. Our services included electrical power design, lighting design, LEED certification support, electrical coordination studies using SKM Power Tools, arc flash analysis, and ground resistance testing.

  • City of Raleigh: Backup Standby Generators

    Apogee provided electrical engineering design for Full Backup Standby Generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, and associated equipment for 12 of the City of Raleigh's Fire Stations.

  • VA Orlando: Admin Space Renovation

    Apogee provided architecture and MEP engineering for the renovation of Building 500 at VA Orlando to provide for administrative space.

  • VA Houston: Emergency Power System Upgrade

    Apogee is prime contractor to replace components of the existing facility essential electrical system at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center.

  • Wake Tech CC: Chiller Upgrade

    Apogee Consulting Group provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for the replacement of a 120-ton air-cooled, scroll-type chiller and associated pumps for a health education facility at Wake Tech Community College.

  • USACE: Fort Bragg Food Logistics Warehouse

    Apogee provided comprehensive electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineering for the construction of a logistics warehouse that houses the incoming food supply for the largest military base in the world.

  • USACE: Fort Bragg Transient Student Barracks

    Apogee Consulting Group provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design and consultation services for the construction of a Transient Student Barracks.

  • US HUD: Office Relocation

    Apogee provided MEP engineering and technology/security design for a newly constructed office space for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Minton Capeheart Federal Building.

  • VA Columbia, SC: Behavioral Health Center

    Apogee Consulting Group was Prime contractor for the design a new facility for the Dorn VA Medical Center Mental Health Department in Columbia, SC.

  • VA Lexington: Community Living Center

    The Apogee/Structurepoint Team are collaborating on the design of two ‘Green House’ model senior care facilities.