VA Castle Point: SPS Relocation

Existing office spaces in Building 18 were renovated to allow for the addition of the SPS department.

Design highlights include:

  • Addition of a dedicated exterior VAV air handler
  • Detailed ventilation calculations that considered room air balances and overall building pressurization
  • New compressed air and vacuum pumps with a corresponding distribution network to all workstations throughout the space with hose reels used for compressed air outlets
  • Heating hot water generation via steam heat exchangers
  • Addition of a new steam domestic hot water heater to prevent additional demands being placed on the building’s older system with the domestic hot water supply system including recirculation
  • Coordinated routing of ductwork and piping to maximize SPS area ceiling heights
  • Full LED space lighting with dimming and occupancy sensors with antimicrobial fixtures that can be wetted
  • Reverse osmosis water system for sterilizer equipment and car wash
  • Secondary outlets at certain workstations
  • Replacement of existing building main power distribution center

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