VA Chicago: Greenhomes HVAC

Apogee was prime contractor for this HVAC study at the Captain James A. Lovell VA Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago for four Greenhomes.

The study analyzed existing conditions and proposed three alternatives to improve indoor comfort and make the air-conditioning system easier to maintain.

Apogee proposed three design concepts to resolve comfort issues due to draft and insufficient heating capacity.

The VA chose an option which includes:

  • Total system redesign
  • Demolition of existing VRF system, energy recovery unit, and humidifier
  • Installation of new variable air volume system with energy recovery
  • Installation of hydronic baseboard radiators as described in the mid-cost proposal
  • A new, side-by-side VAV unit on the roof, with a total energy recovery wheel
  • New VAV terminal units with hot water reheat coils in the attic
  • Construction of a boiler room in the existing garage of each building and installation of a new gas-fired boiler
  • Installation of pump to circulate hot water
  • Hot water fin-tube baseboard radiators in each occupied space
  • Insulation of attic and hydronic heaters to protect hot water heating pipe serving the VAV boxes
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