VA Chicago: SPS Remodel

Apogee is the prime design and construction service contractor for renovations of the sterile processing service (SPS) area at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago, Ill.

The renovation includes temporary facilities to house the service during demolition and construction, selective demolition of the planned construction area, then construction for renovations of the first floor Bed Tower SPS space and satellite locations in the Damen Bldg. The goal is to reconfigure the space for compliant and efficient workflow.

Building 40, 1st Floor: Construct New Scope Decontamination Room

This space accommodates the gross cleaning and decontamination of flexible scopes.

Contents include six medivator automatic scope reprocessors (AERs), which will be furnished by the VA and installed by the contractor. This room will also contain a stainless-steel automatic pass-thru window for receiving scopes from the scope decontamination room.

Three new workstations will be added within the SPS area.

Damen Building: Scope Storage Room

Approximately 1,000 SF on the 5th floor of the Damen Building currently houses endoscopy reprocessing functions, which will be relocated to the first floor SPS in Building 40.

The existing space on the 5th floor will be prepared for conversion to use as scope storage. The project includes electrical and exhaust connections to each cabinet.

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