VA East Orange: IT Assessment

Apogee Consulting Group was contracted by the East Orange VA Medical Center to assess the fiber backbone, manholes, data closets, telephone closets, server rooms from HVAC, and security.

The ultimate objective is to ensure acceptable fiber optic performance and conditioning; the goal is to foster preventive maintenance.

The New Jersey Veteran Affairs Health Care System’s current data network is comprised of a physical topology built on fiber optics. This fiber structure creates the backbone of the data network and warrants preventive maintenance to secure reliability of the data network. The promise fiber is aging and will inherently weaken due to micro-cracks, stress, micro bending, and moister.

Apogee performed a complete survey and evaluation of existing conditions, providing recommendations to the VA.


  • Field verify as-built drawings and correct, modify, and update to reflect current existing conditions
  • Assess approximately 45 IT closets to include but not limited to the main server room, telephone and data locations, and server room HVAC
  • Assess current conditions of internal fiber optic cables entering the main building, routing throughout the main and outer buildings, and design replacement based on testing results
  • Assess current HVAC systems providing cooling to the server room and associated equipment and replace/upgrade and provide redundancy based on equipment capacity, heat loads and VA criteria
  • Assess the current security system and report any deficiencies/vulnerabilities and design an upgraded security system to meet VA criteria
  • Assess current wet sprinkler system in the server rooms and asses vulnerability versus dry system, upgrade to meet VA criteria based on assessment

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