VA Fresno: SPS Renovation

Apogee is the prime contractor for the expansion of the sterile processing space (SPS) at the Fresno VA Medical Center.

Our design team is focusing on increased user-friendliness and streamlined workflow.

The project includes renovation of SPS department staff and administrative areas, decontamination areas, preparation and assembly areas, sterilization, scope processing and storage areas.

The design of the SPS renovation includes the following new and existing equipment:

  • 1 new reverse osmosis (RO) system
  • 1 existing cart washer
  • 1 existing utensil washer
  • 1 new utensil washer
  • 1 existing ultrasonic cleaning system
  • 2 existing OER scope washers
  • 1 new triple basin sink
  • 1 new double basin sink
  • 2 existing steam sterilizers
  • 1 new steam sterilizer
  • 2 existing cold sterilizers
  • 1 existing plasma sterilizer

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