VA Lexington: Nurse Call

The Lexington VA Medical Center hired Apogee Consulting Group to guide the upgrade and/or replacement of obsolete components of its nurse call system at the Troy Bowling Campus.

Our team is providing recommendations for the upgrade that meet VA design guides and master specifications.

The new system is compatible with existing Rauland Borg devices. Head end equipment cabinets, patient stations, cabling, and software are also being replaced.

Apogee has proposed an alternative approach that streamlined system installation. The new master control panel and staff interfaces will be installed, and corridor wiring will be established first. Once these systems are in place, both services (existing and new) will be tested for functionality. When they are deemed fully operational, then work on that floor will continue.

Since all work in the corridors and at the nurse’s stations will need to be performed while hospital operations are maintained, the use of ICRA carts will be made mandatory for all work occurring in the ceiling spaces. Where work for vertical IT drops to control stations occurs, and elsewhere that dust can be produced, temporary soft wall partitions will be used to isolate those areas from the rest of the active hospital area.

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