VA Lexington: Women’s Clinic

Apogee Consulting Group is teaming with American Structurepoint and Raymond Engineering on this project, which includes a complete second-story demolition and renovation to make room for a women’s health clinic, administrative health services, and primary care space.

The clinic will contain space for two Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT), one procedure room, one flex exam room to be used by support staff and one gynecological services area with two exam rooms and procedure room. The design also allows for four men’s PACT Teams.

The women’s waiting area has its own check-in area and consultation room that will also serve a group therapy room and education space. A large, centrally located conference training room will also act as a patient education area for large groups.

Staff areas for social workers, pharmacists, and behavioral health staff are located in both the men’s PACT and women’s clinic spaces.

Interior elements provide for modern facilities with interiors that are both calming and healing, creating an environment for both PACT teams and women’s health suites that is patient-centered while utilizing the existing building structure for the most efficient and budget-conscious project.

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