VA Miami: Sanitary Sewer Correction

Apogee served as the prime contractor for this investigative survey and verification of existing conditions to develop construction drawings supporting the removal and replacement of ailing sanitary sewer mains at the Miami VA Medical Center.

Since the original building was constructed in 1964, numerous renovations and expansions have occurred yet the original mains and risers serving the facility have remained, many of which were cracked, rusted, and leaking at the joints. Failing pipes with high priority for replacement were the focus of our team’s investigation.

The overall goal is to have a functioning system of like materials that convey waste properly to city mains. This project is the first of eight to 10 phases to address the system’s issues.

Apogee found that:

• All piping located in the basement needs to be replaced in the first phase to eliminate corrosion and leaks.
• New piping will be cast iron per VA specifications and hung in a manner that properly promotes drainage.

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