VA Milwaukee: Legionella Prevention

Apogee Consulting Group was contracted by the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center to assess site water distribution systems and piping, and decide whether to replace or upgrade existing piping and components as cost effectively as possible.

The purpose of this project is to minimize the risk of Legionella bacteria and upgrade or replace failing equipment and piping to bring them into compliance with current VA standards. The project will be organized into two phases, allowing for maximum continuity of service.

Each building was spot-checked for compliance with the VHA Directive 1061, condition or lack of reduced pressure backflow prevention, condition of all existing domestic water booster pumps, domestic water heaters, thermostatic mixing valves, and domestic hot water recirculation pumps. The service lines, and double check valve assemblies were also observed. Most of the buildings have numerous domestic water distribution related deficiencies related to cross connections in the piping system, untested backflow preventers or lack thereof, and equipment that has surpassed its useful life expectancy.

  • Phase I — Building 123 and Building 111 low zone domestic hot and cold plumbing systems (sub-basement through the 2nd floor, all wings). All construction traffic for the basement will be via exterior stairwells to promote infection control and preserve hospital cleanliness. The construction period of phase one is estimated to be 32 weeks.
  • Phase II — Building 111 high zone domestic hot and cold plumbing systems (3rd floor through 11th floor, all wings), and C-wing doghouse hot water system (C-wing 3rd floor through 11th floor). The construction period of phase two is estimated to be 48 weeks.

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