VA Murfreesboro: Roof Replacements

Apogee is the prime contractor for the replacement of the roof systems for Buildings Two, Three and 117 at the Murfreesboro VA campus.

The roofs for buildings Two and 117 are flat with modified bituminous systems and tapered insulation that provides the slope to the roof drains. Building Three is a gable pitched-roof system, 4/12 pitch, with a faux slate shingle system.

Buildings Two and 117

The roofs for Buildings Two and 117 will be demolished including the modified bituminous roof systems, all insulation, protection board, abandoned equipment, antennas and patches in the slab from previous equipment removal.

The slab penetration where equipment was removed will be patched and a new SBS modified bituminous roof system. Tapered insulation will be provided on top of the roof insulation to provide the required minimum ¼-inch per foot roof slope.

Building Three

The roof system for Building Three is a faux slate shingle type on a pitched gable roof with dormers. There are two flat roofs, one on top of the pitched roof, which is a modified bituminous system to be replaced.

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