VA Murfreesboro: USP 800 Pharmacy

Apogee is the prime contractor for the upgrade of the USP 797 rooms to USP 800.

The pharmacy will be expanded to provide new, compliant compounding laboratory areas, an upgrade resulting in improved circulation, elimination of congestion throughout the space, and the ability to accommodate increased capacity and productivity.

The new area includes higher clean room standards, separation of hazardous drug compounding, controlled air pressure cascades meeting ISO 7 requirements, separation from other pharmacy activities, and a separated hazardous drug receiving and storage area with negative pressure vented to the exterior.

Construction is phased, allowing existing spaces to remain functional while demolition and upgrades are being completed.

Design Objectives:

  • Upgrade USP 797 operations and containment rooms
  • Provide USP 800 compliant containment rooms and operations
  • Increase capacity, productivity, and functionality of the pharmacy
  • Improve flow and alleviate congestion
  • Improve processes and staff efficiency
  • Reduce downtime and improve reliability
  • Promote uniformity between the TVHS campus pharmacy operations at the Nashville and Murfreesboro campuses
  • Ensure that USP operations can evolve and grow.
  • Plan and design secondary CSP provisions to be used during planned and unplanned outages
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