VA Muskogee: AHU Replacements

Apogee Consulting Group was the prime contractor on this project to analyze and make recommendations on the replacement of four air handler units (AHU) and ductwork in Buildings 1 AB and I C.

Calculation of existing space heating and cooling loads was included in the design as well as an evaluation of code requirements needed to ensure that the newly specified equipment meets VA standards.

A large and outdated dual duct air handler was removed to make way for a modern variable air volume (VAV) air distribution system consisting of VAV boxes serving each zone. Corresponding exhaust fans were also replaced or removed as necessary to promote proper building pressurization.

A new AHU was provided for a dentistry lab in Building 1AB. Hydronic heating and cooling coils were used, fed from existing systems in Building 1 AB or Building 1 C hot and chilled water systems. Three existing heating hot water systems serving Building 1 AB and 1 C were combined or replaced.

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