VA Pittsburgh: 2 East Renovation

Apogee Consulting Group provided programming, planning, architectural design and MEP engineering to renovate Building One, 2 East at University Drive for Clinics at the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center.

In order to continue to meet the ever-increasing demand for clinical services, the following enhancements were included:

Renovation of existing space on the 2nd floor to accommodate additional clinic space with improved patient visibility, larger individual room space and correction of patient safety deficiencies
• Modernization of existing adjacent space to provide support space for clinical support and nursing services necessary to maintain quality services
• These renovations to address system deficiencies including Security, Fire Safety, HVAC, Data and Communications, Electrical, and Plumbing
• Exam rooms and laboratories outfitted with lead shielding, patient lifts, and structural reinforcement as deemed necessary from programming studies and interviews with VAPHS staff and appropriate for sensitive electronic equipment
• Consideration of spectrum lighting to outfit clinical exam rooms were considered as an alternative
• Remove, transport, temporarily store, return, and reposition furniture and equipment currently located on the 2 East wing
• Replace all windows and building envelope work as necessary

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