VA Pittsburgh: Boiler Plant

Apogee Consulting Group was the prime design contractor for this task order under an IDIQ with the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System.

The project goals included these improvements:

  • Boiler safety
  • Compliance with emissions regulations
  • Long and short-term steam plant reliability
  • Ease of steam plant operation
  • Improving steam plant energy efficiency

The central boiler plant consists of three Tampella Power dual-fuel, water tube, high pressure boilers that were installed in 1992. These boilers have been operating with the original boiler controls, master control system, alarm system and performance data recording devices until implementation of this project.


The existing boiler control and plant master control were demolished. The existing mechanical single point (jackshaft) combustion control system was retrofitted with an electronic parallel positioning system for fuel and combustion air. Existing safety instrumentation, meters, control instrumentation, and recording devices were replaced.

The following components were included:

  • New boiler control panels
  • Parallel positioning combustion control, oxygen trim, flame safeguard controls
  • New plant master panel
  • New control Instrumentation and metering
  • Water level controls and alarms
  • New safety devices
  • New SCADA system to record operational data and verify regulatory compliance
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